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Themes and Topics of the English Teaching Conference

English Language Teaching accepted submissions related to the following topics: Education Theory and Practice, Education Policy and Administration, Child and Family Education, English and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning. Submissions on related topics will be considered as well.

Every submission for the English teaching conference is evaluated by the scientific committee. Abstracts are judged based on their research depth, relevance, and authenticity.

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Meet leading academics and present your paper at ELT Conference 2024

English language teaching conference 2024 – a must-attend event of the year


ELT Conference 2024

Whether you work in academia, non-profit sector, or government institution, it’s essential to stay on top of trends and understand the implications and applications of the findings of relevant research. That’s why it’s important to regularly attend academic conferences. It’s an opportunity to meet your peers, get insights into the most pressing challenges, brainstorm solutions, and determine what the future of the field will look like. And when it comes to academic events, 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Teaching and Education 2024 in iteconference.org is one you don’t want to miss. 

Attended by a diverse audience from countries like Slovakia, Malaysia, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Romania, Portugal, and numerous others, ELT Conference 2024 offers its attendees a pool of knowledge and networking opportunities.

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Important English Language Conference 2024 Dates

English Teaching Conference: How You Can Join

To make sure you take full advantage of the event irrespective of your budget or travel restrictions, English language conferences 2024 offer a range of participation options. Pick one that works for you.

Paper presentation (on-site)

Make a 30-minute presentation of your research paper at the venue of the event, followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Poster presentation (on-site)

Present the findings of your research on a poster in the networking area of the venue.

Establish research partnerships

Make a 30-minute presentation from the comfort of your home/office, followed by a live Q&A session with the audience.

Virtual delegate

Listen in on the presentations from the comfort of your home/office and submit questions to be asked live.

Regular delegate (on-site)

Listen to the presentations, engage speakers with thoughtful questions, and enjoy the benefits of networking.

Paper presentation and publication opportunities

A guided tour of the host city


Benefits of the ELT Conference


Whether you are putting a spotlight on your research by presenting it at the event or networking with your peers, learning about funding and partnership opportunities, ELT Conference 2024 can help you accelerate your academic career.

The carefully curated program of the event features paper presentations in a variety of formats to guarantee an immersive learning experience for all attendees.

As a presenter or an attendee, you will receive a certificate of participating in this prestigious international conference.

All attendees are invited to join the free 1-day tour of the host city, where you'll get a chance to explore the magnificent sights and further network with the other attendees and presenters.

Publication Opportunities​

Plagiarism and Ethics Policies

The English teach conference follows strict anti-plagiarism policies and, as such, every submission is checked for plagiarism using Crossref Similarity Check Powered by iThenticate before being sent to the scientific committee for review.

The submission will be automatically rejected at any time if found plagiarized. If you’d like to find out more information about the iThenticate software, click on the following link: https://www.crossref.org/services/similarity-check/.

Academic Conference Proceedings and Publications

All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings with the ISBN number in a soft form.

All full papers will be accepted through a double-blind review process and will be published electronically in proceedings with a DOI number.

Present Your Research at English Language Teaching Conference 2024

This English language conference is a superb opportunity to present the findings of your latest research.

Receive recognition for your work and advance your academic career

Source feedback and inspiration from the targeted audience of academics.

Get published in reputable indexed academic journals.

Inspire others with your research and help develop the next generation of academics.

Help shape the future of education by maximizing the reach of your work.

Explore London, United Kingdom on a Free Guided Tour

ELT Conference 2024 is not just an academic event. It’s an experience. And to make sure you, as a participant, return home with plenty of wonderful memories, we are inviting you to join us on a guided tour of London, United Kingdom. It’s free for all participants.

The beauty of London, United Kingdom is unparalleled. Explore the jewels of the city, discover its hidden gems, and try local delicacies.

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